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Millennials and Unions: A Match Made in Heaven

JULY 11, 2019

by Alexandra Catsoulis Every Generation faces their own economic struggles and successes. The baby boomers experienced the strongest economic expansions in American history. Generation X felt the effects of the first tech boom but were then devastated with the 2008 recession. But millennials are well into adulthood and still have had no significant financial gain within their lives. In fact, there is less...

Ten Reasons to Build Local & Union

MARCH 29, 2019

Ten Reasons to Build Local   by Clint Drury West Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council Investing in your local workforce grows a stronger community.  Central Illinois has long been the standard for quality construction. The nearly 8,000 union construction professionals and over 300 partner contractors and suppliers that make up the Better Built Network take great pride in...

There is always someone Cheaper

MARCH 04, 2019

Author: Jason Grech It’s true: There is always someone who will do it cheaper. The image above is one that had resonated with me, and I have shared it numerous times with colleagues, clients, and friends over the years. Whomever originally created this meme, Thank You. There are many variations to the sayings “You get what you pay for”, “You won’t...

New Executive Order 2019-02

JANUARY 15, 2019

Today Governor Pritzker files Executive Order 2019-02 protects Illinois hard working families.  He is ready to do BIG thing in Illinois and that starts with Organized Labor.