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Contractor Spotlight 7/16/2018

JULY 16, 2018

Founded in 1938, Tobey’s Construction and Cartage, Inc. now has over 70 years of experience in all types of heavy highway construction.  Located in North Central Illinois, Tobey’s and its related companies, T&T Cartage, Inc. and Streator Asphalt, Inc. have personnel and experience to assure you that your project, no matter what size, will be done to the highest standards...

For Illinois Roads, Needs Are Growing. Funding Isn’t.

JULY 12, 2018

Experts say billions in a multi-year plan won’t go far enough to address infrastructure repairs and upkeep. With help from the federal government, Illinois will put more than $2 billion toward infrastructure projects this year across the state’s network of roads and bridges. But that network is underfunded by billions more, and what’s the state has pledged is a far...