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Pritzker-Stratton administration on Infrastructure

JANUARY 15, 2019

The Future of Transportation in Illinois

According to The Monitor Magazine:

The 2018 gubernatorial election was one of the most important in Illinois history. After a contentious election, Governor-elect JB Pritzker defeated first-term Republican Governor Bruce Rauner with 55% of the vote.1 Once Governor-elect Pritzker takes office as the 43rd governor of Illinois, the first order of business is taking control of the $7.5 billion in unpaid government bills.2 Governor-elect Pritzker has announced his transition committees that will help get Illinois back on track. At the forefront of his initiatives is to strengthen our economy by investing in our roads and bridges. In December, Governor-elect Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor-elect Juliana Stratton announced the formation of the Restoring Illinois’ Infrastructure Committee. The committee will consist of fortysix experts on infrastructure in Illinois that will help guide the Pritzker-Stratton administration on infrastructure policies. Among the members chosen to participate on this transition committee was John Penn, Clint Drury & Michael Carrigan. One focus of the Pritzker-Stratton administration is to “prioritize a comprehensive 21st Century Capitol Bill to build the infrastructure we need to restore Illinois’ place as an economic leader.”3 Infrastructure and the economy work hand in hand. In order to keep up with the demand of our growing economy, Illinois needs to ensure our state’s infrastructure systems are up to date. Congressman Cheri Bustos who is co-chairing the committee stated, “The Restoring Illinois’ Infrastructure Committee will focus on the surface, rail, water, broadband and community infrastructure improvements that will benefit every corner of the State.”4 This committee understands the critical role transportation plays in the prosperity of the State. Other items on Governor-elect Pritzker’s agenda is to capture road usage fees for hybrid-electric cars to ensure that all users pay their fair share. He stated, “It’s only fair if you’re on a road and traveling on that road that you should pay your fair share on the road like everybody else is paying.”5 Illinois is one of thirty states that do not charge hybrid and electric car fees that users pay through the motor fuel taxes. With this fee, the State will have more funds to rebuild our infrastructure. The future of Illinois’ roads and bridges rests on our new administration taking the lead on infrastructure investments. The Pritzker-Stratton administration says it will prioritze a comprehensive 21st Century Capitol Bill to build the infrastructure we need to restore Illinois’ place as an economic leader.

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