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FIX OUR ROADS!!!!!! #bustedcommute

MARCH 06, 2018

The Metropolitan Planning Council  

We’re advocating for you in Springfield to secure more resources to ease your commute. But we can’t do it without your input. Show us how failing transportation infrastructure is busting your commute.

Are you constantly dodging potholes or shelling out for repairs? Did your bus or train break down recently? Is it tough to bike safely on roads near you? Are sidewalks in your neighborhood in bad condition or nonexistent? Has a transportation problem ever caused you to miss an important event?

We now know that help isn’t coming from Washington: We need the State of Illinois to get with the program. So help us improve your commute! Let’s crowd-source stories and photos of the problem so the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) can use its independent voice to advocate for sustainable revenue for Illinois transportation solutions. We’ll deliver your messages to state legislators with a call to action this spring. Snap a photo or video, tell us how transportation challenges affect your life, and share with the hashtag #BustedCommute. 

The fine print: The Metropolitan Planning Council and partners will collect photos, videos and stories of transportation challenges in Illinois using Twitter and email. Here’s how to join the chorus:

  • Snap a photo or video and write a caption. Tell us what happened and where (a particular train station, bus stop, intersection, town, or neighborhood).
  • Post your captioned image on Twitter with #BustedCommute. We’ll comb the feed. You can also Tweet to us directly @metroplanners.
  • Or email us your photo and story at